Building Automation Solarshading Controls & More
We develop and sell actuators for different applications (switching, dimming, feedback control, measured value acquisition...), specifically for Modbus systems. Proprietary protocol is also available.

Controller modules with interfaces such as CAN, I2C,RS485, etc. for your own applications are also available.
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Our core competence lies in the implementation of complete control systems for sun tracked operable solar shading and solar devices as well as in the development and distribution of suitable actuators and control panels including applicable intuitive configuration software.

can also make use of our shading processor modules in your own system (for example, Modbus, BACnet)
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Products and Services
Benefit from the know-how which we
have packed into our products.

We can also cast your ideas into form and function based on performance standards on 8-,16- and 32-bit controller platforms.

We also provide professional
development of hardware and software, from simple PCB to modula technology  to complete enclosed units...

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Here you can find further detailed information: apart from data sheets, wiring diagrams and operating instructions there are also product-specific PC or controller software and examples of applications available.

In addition, you will also find:
Modbus register and protocol descriptions, BACnet-PICS, etc...

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